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Chiropractor, NET Practitioner and MSW (Candidate)


Dr. Kaylin Song is a graduate from Parker University. She uses true principles of chiropractic care. She specializes in a comprehensive functional, neurological rehabilitation and integrative approach to health.
Dr Kaylin Song was born and raised in South Korea up until she was 17 years old at which point her family decided to move to America. She decided to pursue a career in healthcare after she witnessed illness in her own family members during her high school years. She received her B.S in Biology from Northwestern State University in Nachitoches, LA. She received two Bachelor’s Degrees from Parker University as well in health and wellness and human anatomy. She is also a certified Neuro-Emotional Technique (NET) practitioner (Advanced level 1 Certification).
Dr Kaylin Song’s determination to help others through chiropractic ignited while she was serving in Iraq as an Army Officer.
“I am passionate about chiropractic because of my own experience. I was deployed to Iraq while I was in chiropractic school. During deployment I saw many Soldiers suffering because of health issues. I knew chiropractic could help them although I was not a doctor yet. When I had a great opportunity to serve as a Chiropractic Intern at Dallas VA Hospital, I was very humbled and honored by the appreciation from the fellow veterans. They even further increased my passion for chiropractic.
Neuro-Emotional Technique has special meaning to me because it helped me personally to deal with stress I accumulated throughout my own life such as immigration and deployment. I am especially grateful to have NET throughout my redeployment from Combat. NET is very big part of my own health care” -Dr Kaylin Song.
Dr Kaylin Song is currently enrolled in post graduate programs to enhance her clinical skills for her patients; Quantum Neurology, Total Body Modification (TBM) and Acupuncture certification.